Big range of operating conditions, both on the slopes and on the plains

Thanks to the self-stabilizing horizontal cargo platform, wide caterpillars, and powerful construction, the Slopehelper can overcome slopes and the ability to operate at a maximum of 45° and a maximum load capacity of 2 tons.

Horizontal stabilization and self-adjusting of cargo platform on slopes are possible during movement. And prevents the vehicle from rolling over uphill or downhill. The vertical axis of gravity is always in the center of the vehicle and it always holds the harvesting shelves and loads horizontally in each direction of movement.


Operating on slopes up to 45 degrees (100%) and carrying loads up to 2 tons, places the Slopehelper as the world's first and only solution for maintaining plantations in hard-to-reach areas. With these advantages, especially in the harvest season, does not reduce the loss of fruit in hard-to-reach places by over 20%, mostly due to its agility and even on wet soil to reach steep parts, regardless of weather conditions.


Key advantages of Slopehelper are high-thrust power drivetrain with high torque at zero RPM and possibilities of autonomous and semi-autonomous operations, longitudinal and across, day or night on the plantations.

Our vehicle has effective low voltage technology that can provide high tractive force for stall moving. This means that there is no real obstacle for his starting position in small uphill turns for all that performed with a very simple transmission.