Easy preparation for work

One of our top priorities is to create user-friendly products. Simple for everyone. No need to be a high-tech expert to be a pro at the Slopehelper, because simplicity is the core of our design. All the necessary instructions and commands can be found on the board computer, making it simple to instruct the Slopehelper agro-system and navigate the vehicle. With a little practice, anyone can use its very straightforward remote control and direct the engine’s movement with ease.

Attaching additional equipment is simple, too. Each piece of hinged equipment comes with a holder, which can be stored in a garage - just make sure it is placed in a suitable spot. No need for any additional tools when attaching or detaching supplementary equipment - the unique and intelligent design eliminates all previous difficulties connected with replacing hinged equipment units. Once one of the attachments is installed on the vehicle, all you need to do is connect the required electrical connectors. The computer will recognize which hinged equipment is being connected and will inform you of the options available for its adjustment and preparation for commissioning, as well as brief instructions.


Our designers have also created an additional universal installation carrier that adapts well to all available accessories and allows mobility when attached to any product in the hinged equipment series. We make everyday life easier for our customers by creating simple and affordable installation and fastening procedures.


For more detailed information take a look at the video on How it works!