Extremely easy to use

We in PEK Automotiveunderstand that our customers are not high-tech experts and all commands of the Slopehelper must be as simple as it is possible. That's why we've developed control chandelier divided into three parts (remote controls, buttons panel for shortcuts and on-board computer).


We've developed a remote control with easy commands that makes the driving of the vehicle very simple. Our remote control has an innovative design, robust and is very simple to use. The direction of movement changes with the left hand of the slider and with the right one, by pressing one by one the buttons different functions are assigned. Also by pressing the actuator with the right hand. With just a little practice it is very easy to master the movement of the Slophehelper system. It’s like a “steering wheel” of the vehicle operated remotely.

Another part is the follow me US beacon, which is used very simply. If the RC is left in its position on the control chandelier and the follow-me beacon is in the pocket or in the hand of the operator, the vehicle will follow its movement at the same speed as it, constantly keeping a safe distance. The remote follow me beacon can work on a very big distance, step by step and in a harsh weather conditions (rain, fog, night time, ice).

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We also developed buttons panel for shortcuts where the buttons for basic functions such as turning on and off the lights, activating the front and rear winch kit, lock with on/off function, deactivating the alarm and so on. There are also buttons on this panel for small movements of the hinged equipment, for example: when the Slopehelper system with an attached lawnmower on it is loaded on a transport car-trailer, in order to prevent the vibration of the equipment during transport, it is necessary to lower it to the floor. These simple functions are controlled by this panel.


We also developed software with a simple control chandelier display. It features extremely easy, simple navigation and commands function to the Slopehelper agro system. It can be navigated in a very easy and user-friendly way with the help of the six buttons and the simple menu for setting the necessary parameters for the function of the whole system.


It is also easy to navigate and controlled, so it can be loaded on a car-trailer with high precision.


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