One system for the whole agro-cycle not needed more suppliers

The farmer doesn’t need any other mechanization except for our Slopehelper.

Why not? Because the Slopehelper agro system covers the whole agro-cycle and all the operations needed in an orchard or vineyard. Whole equipment attachable to the base platform is produced by the same producer and in the future farmers will have no problems for buying different products, spare parts and services from different suppliers. The entire supply of spare parts as well as service will be concentrated from one source. You can track the entire history of the agro-system, detect defects without the presence of a field engineer and many other benefits that Slopehelper smart-system offers. With this whole idea, the work of the modern farmer is so much easier, that on the other hand, the productivity increases several times.

For users of the Slopehelper system, comfort is guaranteed.