Optimal functionality


From the very beginning, the initial idea of the Slopehelper agro-system was to create a universal, multipurpose instrument, specifically designed to facilitate and simplify the work into the orchards and vineyards. We have created a basic platform as the basis of the entire Slopehelper system, on which all the accessories from the wide range of hinge equipment can be connected, as well as the software upgrades for autonomy, supervision, and analyzing purposes.

The Base platform has a wide range of functionality. On one side of it can attach all elements of our agricultural hinged equipment range. Such as soil maintenance tools, treating the weeds, as well as spraying and fertilizing the plots. On the other side there all the aids needed in the harvest season. Specially designed agronomic harvesting shelves, a unique front loader, and unloader from the cargo platform on the back. Also, the cargo platform, with EUR pallet dimensions can be used for any transport, with a load capacity of up to 2 tons. There is also the option to attach a trailer and transport during harvest.

All this is a great benefit for every farmer and landowner, because they no longer need to wander around different manufacturers of different types of mechanization that need different spare parts for maintenance. In our case, the Slopehelper is a system on which the basic platform is carefully designed for each unit of the hinged equipment in our product range. This means that our range can cover the entire agro-cycle and complete all the necessary tasks in the plantation without wandering and looking for various and appropriate tools to perform even the most demanding operations.

Our solution is very simple, adapts to all conditions and requirements for completing the given tasks. Combined with the latest technology, smart solutions, and light agility Slopehelper is a completely new age commercial multipurpose vehicle, designed to meet modern mobility and performance requirements in every fruit plantation. Simply makes life easier for our customers and saves a lot of time and resources. We are doing all this to make everyday life easier for the people who do the noblest but still the hardest work in the world: food production. The system is already targeting to cover the entire agro-cycle of the most common operations during the year.
Slopehelper is an efficient system that aims to make your life easier, contribute to increased profitability, meet all the needs and tasks on the plantation.

Total Agricultural Cycle