Optimal functionality


Our initial idea of the Slopehelper agro-system was to create a multifunctional machine specifically designed to facilitate and simplify work in orchards and vineyards. We have accomplished this by creating a standard platform that serves as a basis for the entire Slopehelper system, to which a wide range of hinge equipment can be connected. Thanks to built-in software, it also has analyzing functionality, is equipped with self-supervised learning, and is fully autonomous.
The base platform has an exceptionally wide range of functionalities. Not only can you hook it up to all our agricultural hinged equipment and use it for soil maintenance, treating weeds, or spraying and fertilizing plots, but it is specifically designed for agronomic shelve harvesting. The platform has a unique front loader and unloader from the cargo platform (fit for standard European cargo pallet dimensions) on the back that can transport a load of up to two tons. When not used for loading, a trailer can be attached - which serves as a perfect functionality during harvest season.
With the Slopehelper, your days of looking for spare parts from different manufacturers when dealing with maintenance are over. The Slopehelper’s basic platform is carefully designed for each unit of the hinged equipment in our product range to fit - making it an all-in-one system. Effortlessly cover your entire agro-cycle and complete even the most demanding tasks on the field without having to search for any additional tools.
Our solution is simple, adaptable to any conditions, and you can be sure the Slopehelper follows given tasks to completion. Combined with the latest technology, smart solutions, and light agility, the Slopehelper is a contemporary multi-purpose vehicle designed to meet the latest mobility and performance standards. It simply makes life easier and saves you precious time and resources. Our goal is to make everyday life more effortless for those who carry out one of the most important, yet demanding, jobs in the world: food production experts. This system covers the most common operations of the annual agro-cycle.
The Slopehelper is an efficient system that enhances work, contributes to increased profitability and meets your needs on the field.

Total Agricultural Cycle