The Slopehelper is not your ordinary tractor - the Slopehelper’s caterpillars equally distribute weight, which in turn equally distributes pressure on soil. Even with a distinctly small size and a high total mass, the Slopehelper provides smaller pressure for soil.


Let’s compare a traditional tractor to the Slophelper. A 2.5t tractor has the following pressure (cm2) per wheel without payload.


Traditional tractor

  • ordinary wheels (without payload)                                   – 1.8 kg/cm2
  • double ordinary wheels (without payload)                       – 1.2 kg/cm2
  • low pressure tractor wheels (without payload)                – 0.6 kg/cm2



  • Caterpillars surface of slope helper                               – 0.85m2(8500cm2)
  • Weight of slope helper without payload                         – 1200 kg
  • Pressure for slope helper caterpillar without payload   – 0.14 kg/cm2
  • Weight of slope helper with payload                               – 3000 kg
  • Pressure for slope helper caterpillar with payload         – 0.35 kg/cm2


Simple and reliable design based on ball thrusts and leaf springs provides a low level of amortization and high resistance to damage. Using ordinary car leaf springs allows great suspension, even when the vehicle is loaded to maximum payload.


The Slopehelper’s strength is proven to be exceptionally valuable on slopes and moist soil.


The smooth rotating wheels and flexible self-cleaning caterpillars won’t get stuck due to the penetration of stones, branches and other hard objects. Leaf springs and shock-absorbing sleeves move lightweight but efficient support rollers.