Price policy

Lower cost

Despite the increased offer in the electric vehicle market people still do not decide to buy. The biggest reason is the high price as well as the expensive maintenance of those commercial vehicles.

But we broke that rule. We created an electric vehicle intended for agriculture, which breaks down that comparison between conventional solutions and new technology. If the comparison of commercial vehicles, between petrol-driven vehicles and EVs, is almost twice as high on the electrical side, our solution is almost 3 times cheaper compared to the existing agricultural machinery. We offer to our customers new solutions, not a new technology. Solutions that will facilitate the daily life of the modern farmer, and at the same time will save him a large amount of time and money.


Optional sales

Our offer is based on that there is no standard configuration, which limits the choice of our customers. Each costumer can calculate which part of the equipment will be purchased at what time. Each piece of hinged equipment is run as a separate product, designed to meet the needs of our customers. With the procurement of the basic platform itself, then you have an unlimited number of possibilities as it can be upgraded and turned into a smart solution for multipurposes use. You can upgrade the configuration depending on your needs, and all this from one supplier, with a huge warranty period and support 24/7.


Whole package, lower price


Even if you decide to purchase the full offer of Slopehelper agro-system it would cost you several times cheaper than any existing technology on the market. The cost of the base platform and the hinged equipment is less then that of a conventional tractor.

The calculation made for a 10-year investment period shows incredible results and savings of almost 4 times more.

How the price is formed of an Slopehelper agro-system:

 Base platform
Slopehelper vehicle with optional configuration
(batteries set, autonomous kit, follow me, etc.)
Hinged equipment
A wide range of necessary agricultural attachments to choose from
(mulcher, sprayer, power harrow, side trimmer...)
A lot of deferent options of accessories
(Fast charger, winch kit, installation carrier and many more)
Slopehelper system
ONE system for ALL agro-operations