Base platform

A completely new commercially lightweight, robust vehicle designed to meet the modern requirements of farmers or agricultural plantation.

The BASE PLATFORM is a vehicle driven by two caterpillars, body with front, rear, side and middle connectors for additional equipment, cargo platform and front control Chandelier.

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Holders for the hinged equipment positioned as in the image below the front, rear, side, and middle are intended for the deferent additional equipment. For example, on the front holder can be attached lawn mower, drum mulcher, etc. On the rear holder can be attached sprayer, side trimmer, etc. On the sides, there is some connectors for the harvesting shelves and the on the middle is a connector for the harvesting frontal loader and loading and unloading kit units.


The body of the platform itself is designed to have a low center of gravity, and so on 776 mm low mass center. It allows it to overcome even slopes up to 42° with the full load capacity, up to 2t. The base platform itself weighs 1,750 kg. The exterior of the body is shaped by plastic sheets, in our recognizable colors, part of the spectrum that allows low glare and reflection of the sun. The chassis is made of welded steel profile which allows maximum durability with the smallest size and weight. The battery pack is located at the bottom, back in the base platform so that it distributes the weight evenly on both sides.

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Driven by two caterpillars which are interconnected and have a synchronized movement, both forward and backward. Simple and reliable design based on ball thrusts and leaf springs provides a high level of amortization and high resistance for any obstacles damaging.


Their strength is invaluable on the slopes and moist soil. Compared with typical 2.5t tractor has following pressure per (cm2) for its wheels without payload:

  • ordinary wheels (without payload)                                   – 1.8 kg/cm2
  • double ordinary wheels (without payload)                       – 1.2 kg/cm2
  • low pressure tractor wheels (without payload)                – 0.6 kg/cm2

By compare to tractor, Base platform caterpillars with equal diameter wheels, so provides plane distribution of pressure on the soil. So with dramatically smaller sizes and higher total mass (with payload) it provides smaller pressure for soil:

  • Caterpillars surface of slope helper                                 – 0.85m2(8500cm2)
  • Weight of slope helper without payload                           – 1200 kg
  • Pressure for slope helper caterpillar without payload     – 0.14 kg/cm2
  • Weight of slope helper with payload                                – 3000 kg
  • Pressure for slope helper caterpillar with payload          – 0.35 kg/cm2


The Basic platform is also equipped with cargo platform, which is horizontally stabilized in every direction and adapts to the slopes during movement.

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The Cargo platform is intended for the transportation of agricultural applications boxes, which are most commonly used during the fruit and grape harvest season. The cargo platform is also designed to carry the fluid tank during spraying, as well as the fertilizer tank during fertilization. On the cargo platform is also attached and harvesting shelves used for harvesting in the orchards. Automatic horizontal leveling allows carrying loads, as well and the harvesting shelves with people on them and on slopes up to 45° and prevents the vehicle from rolling over.

And why the upper part of the body on the Base platform is designed like that, the explanation is that the cargo platform penetrates deep into the shape of the vehicle.


Also the cargo platform can change the angle manually, as it is needed by the operator. In case, to empty the tank of liquid which is loaded on it. For loading and unloading of the tank or fruit box there is an additional system intended for that function.