Side trimmer

Root area trimmer is an In-rows weeding system ideal for cleaning around the trunks in vineyards, fruit plantations, etc. It is a highly precise and fast-rotating trimmer, attachable on the basic platform of Slopehelper. We have developed a root area trimmer that, in combination with our autonomous vehicle, can weeding between root area in every row of your plantation. With this type of trimmer, you will experience innovated level how one of the most common functions during the season can simply be completed.


How to use it


The root area trimmer is stored on a specially designed storage cradle. To get the trimmer from it and attach it to the base platform require a mini-garage crane or forklift. For further installation and adjustment there is existing an optional moveable cradle which allows you easily maneuver and attach the whole range of equipment.

Once mounted on the vehicle, the trimmer is necessary to be connect with two power sockets and plugin to the main system of the base platform.

On the board computer, there will be shown a notification that lets you know that the trimmer is connected and ready to use. Select the option, height, number of rows, etc. and set the vehicle to the starting position. After that you only need to choose the option an autonomous mowing and press the START button.

Slopehelper with installed in-rows root area trimmer on it, will always move and keeping the right side of the passage, clearing the trunks and the space around them from various types of growths and herbs that crawl on the tree. The string with a thickness of 6 mm and a rotation speed over 900 rpm’s is gentle to the trunk but relentless to herbs. A simple and very practical way of dealing with weeds without using pesticides.


Main advantages


  • Silent operation

Powered by a low voltage, high power, electric motor, the trimmer together with the Slopehelper will experience very quiet trimming and mowing between the root area. It allows the autonomous system to operate day and night, without disturbing the surroundings.

  • Without pesticides

With the help of our root area trimer you can now treat weeds around the stems without using of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

  • Trimmer-head

The flexible and self-adjusting head enables trimming at a faster driving speed of the vehicle which additionally saves time for other options. Sh root area trimmer offers you the opportunity to process the growths and herbs around the trunks, to allow easier absorption of water and nutrients.

  • Low maintenance

Small amount of spare parts and transmission via V-belt, completely electromechanical means low operation costs and less downtime. Into the root area trimmer there is no drop of hydraulics, lubricants (except bearings) or other types of oils, which makes it the only in-row” tool of this type on the market.

  • Radar detection of the stems

On the back right side of the vehicle, there is installed a highly sensitive radar which recognizes the stems. So the head of the trimmer, radar-driven, with the help of an activator synchronized system can follow the order of the trees, which reduces the risk of damage the trunks.

  • Precise tracking

Independently adjusting the position of the Slopehelper on the right side and constantly maintain a distance from the row of 30 cm depending on the terrain situation allows the trimmer to get as close as possible to the roof area cleaned all around.

  • Safety cage

The whole trimming system is in a frame that connects to the base platform at one end and the ability to connect the safety bumps to the front to allow the safe option in an autonomous mode of vehicle.




  • Head length – (500 mm)
  • Rotor bar diameter – (60 mm)
  • Rotating diameter – (660 mm)
  • Change thread – (≈ 10 m)
  • Speed of rotating - (960 rpm)
  • Sound power level - (42 dB)
  • Brushless motor – (BLDC)
  • Low voltage – (48 V)
  • Min. passage width – (180 cm)