Total Agricultural Cycle

Slopehelper - ONE system, who can cover ALL agricultural operations.


Complete ALL tasks on the fruit plantations with ONE multifunctional system.
The Slopehelper - an autonomous vehicle that performs ALL necessary tasks without human supervision.
It works ANY time of the day, independently, in all weather conditions and on any land. This saves you valuable TIME and MONEY.
NO MORE hassle with different equipment suppliers, spare parts or service.
A ONE-IN-ALL PRODUCT covers ALL the basic annual demands for the entire agricultural cycle.
It is a precise agricultural system created to manage variations in the fields and INCREASE production using fewer resources, while reducing production costs.


The idea of a perfectly cultivated lawn between rows in the vineyard or orchard is very appealing. However, that requires a lot of time, work and resources. We have developed a vehicle that can help you mow, weed, harrow, spray, de-leaf, stimulate access to water, ventilate and expose sunlight to your plantations. Our solution is very straightforward, simply disconnect your Slopehelper from the charger, plug the remote-controlled mower, power harrow, sprayer, etc. and place it in the starting position. It is that simple!

From beginning to end, your supervision is not needed! Program the vehicle so that the spraying is done during optimal weather conditions (temperature, humidity or wind speed). The time you use to spend on weeding, pruning, mulching, spraying, fertilizing can now be used to accomplish other tasks. You will have more time to prepare your orders, monitor crop health, work on irrigation, schedule your work, or spend time with your family.

The Slopehelper is an efficient RC vehicle that contributes to increased profitability by executing two agronomic tasks at once. Thanks to having two independent systems, the Slopehelper carries out two operations at once! For example - you can mow and spray, mulch and weed, power harrow and fertilize at the same time. See for yourself all the various options.