Batteries for 100% duty cycle

With the standard Slopehelper agro-system configuration, the basic 480 Ah x 48V battery set is included, allowing continuous tractive force of 2 tons load and operations with single hinged equipment for about six hours non-stop.

In addition, this is not all! At PEK Automotive, we have created an exclusive full-battery set for our more demanding Slopehelper users.

The full-battery set is 720 Ah x 48V, which means fully charged batteries will consume about 36 kWh. With this power, the vehicle can operate at full load (40° inclinations and constant tractive force of 2t loads), for about 8 hours! As well as more than 14 hours of standard operations, with one connected hinge equipment element.

It enables continuous operation and coverage of large areas of plantations for a longer period, without any supervision of the agro-system.