Follow me option

The Follow me feature is part of the Slopehelper's autonomous system. The purpose is for the vehicle to follow the user wherever it moves while keeping a safe distance at all times.

Many applications require supervision while dealing with agricultural machinery, but our revolutionary follow me technology changes that - besides, it is simple to use. The follow me feature, with the remote ultrasonic (US) beacon, can be set up on all operation levels and serves to keep the right distance between yourself and the vehicle wherever you go. Our modern solution proves to be particularly useful and practical in the harvest season, significantly aiding farmers in the process. In combination with the Slopehelper base platform, frontal loader, and follow me option, you are receiving a system that transforms harvesting into a great experience.


Ultra-compact US receiver US beacon on a quick-detachable shoulder mount

Main features:

  • robust and reliable follow me system
  • compact ultrasonic beacon with long operation time
  • only 3 compact ultrasonic receivers placed on line with small distance


  • big operation distance
  • extremely easy to use
  • working in harsh weather conditions (rain, smog, night time) and forest
  • automatic keeping distance when the vehicle is moving in a row


The structure of follow-me used for remote operation of Slopehelper electric vehicle.


Follow Me system is based on the same remote control unit as the system remote. Three ultrasonic receivers are placed on the front side of the vehicle and connected to RC unit. They provide an exact beacon position in. The vehicle continuously scans area in front of it and determines current beacon position, movement direction and speed. Safe distance between beacon and the vehicle is supported automatically within a range of walking speeds, which is adjustable, at the operator's request.

The beacon is a compact 180g ultrasonic transmitter, contactless charging, placed on a shoulder or in the pocket of the operator. Magnetic cradle with built-in contactless charger is used to store the beacon onboard when not in use.


  • RC unit power supply - 12±3 V, 3 A
  • US beacon weight  - 180 g
  • US receivers - 3
  • Follow me maximum distance  - 6 m
  • Contactless charger - Yes