Harvesting adjustable shelves

Slopehelper Harvesting shelves

The Slopehelper shelves transform the Slopehelper into the most advanced vineyard harvesting machine on the market. We have developed adjustable shelves, which, along with our base platform, represent the most modern and technically advanced system available for fruit harvesting.

The Slopehelper, along with harvesting shelves, is a compact combination fit for row widths from 2 to 3.5 m and plant heights to a maximum of 4 m. The standard equipment and accessories allow the harvest vehicle to adapt to the individual needs of every modern fruit and viticulture grower. Designed to be simple and functional, especially during the harvest season.

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How to use it


The six lateral platforms (two rear fixed platforms with a footrest height of 1.5 m + two medium adjustable platforms with a footrest height from 1,5 - 2,1 m + two front adjustable platforms with a footrest height from 0,8 - 1,5 m) allow harvesting at three levels in a very compact combination of the base platform and adaptable harvesting shelves.

As many as six people can work simultaneously on six independent shelves. Select how many people you would like to collect at ground level by choosing the follow me feature. Along with our front loader, you will reach the highest ergonomic standards.

Harvesting shelves are stored on a specifically designed storage cradle. To detach the shelves and attach them to the vehicle requires a mini-garage crane or forklift. For further installation and adjustment, a moveable cradle option is available, which allows you to easily manoeuvre and attach the equipment.

Once mounted on the vehicle, the basic platform turns into a cutting-edge harvester machine. After connecting it to two power sockets and plugging it into the base platform’s main system, a notification will appear on the board computer informing you once the harvesting shelves are ready for use. All users can move the entire platform precisely and safely via joystick (for orchards) or with the follow me option.

Horizontal stabilization and self-adjusting cargo platform guarantee no harvest loss.

Main advantages

  • Low maintenance

A small number of spare parts and electric actuator transmission means less downtime and low operation costs.

  • Silent operation

Powered by high-power, low-voltage electric motors (also found in the basic platform) the equipment will guarantee quiet work during the day without disturbing the surroundings. In addition to that, the automated fruit harvesting system produces zero emission.

  • Automatic angle adjustment

The shelves, in combination with the fruit harvesting cargo platform, prevents the Slophelper from toppling over. The center of gravity is always in the center of the vehicle, which holds the harvesting shelves and loads horizontally at all times.

Whether it is a terraced vineyard or rows, flat or uphill, the harvesting shelves can automatically keep the horizontal level, independently of the current position of the Slopehelper.

  • 0% losses

Thanks to the self-adjusting platform and load capacity of up to 2 tons, our vehicle can manoeuvre on any slope of up to a 45-degree angle and reach the most inaccessible areas on the plantation.

  • Precise tracking

Independently adjust the trajectory of the landscape and set a perfect inclination angle depending on the terrain. With the assistance of the side radar, the vehicle keeps the same distance from the order of the plants.

  • Completely electromechanical

The harvesting system doesn’t use a drop of hydraulics, lubricants or any other oils, making it a one-of-a-kind fruit harvester on the market.


  • Speed (0-8 km/h)
  • Steering control (Joystick + follow me option)
  • Width (min/max) (2.080 - 2.900 mm)
  • Height of the platform stand (1.500 - 2.100 mm)
  • Sound power level (45 dB)
  • Turning radius (2.80 m)
  • Low voltage (48V)
  • Min. passage width (210 cm)
  • Brushless motor (BLDC)