HV cutter

The HV trimmer from the Slopehelper provides tested technology for the most demanding long-term use.

The horizontal/vertical orchard trimmer is the only type of pruning machine that, with the help of the side radar, detects branches growing in a row and in an upward manner.

The triangular trimming units, 3-mm-thick sharpened peaks, and three actuators, can automatically set the angle of movement while maintaining the required distance from the tree line.

The HV vine trimmer has individually adjustable side trimming sections with protection from unwanted proximity to the fruit. The frame along with double inner tubes and a shaft frame attached to the base platform can be set to autonomous use. It is equipped with collision protection on the rear, front and side of the vehicle, and features additional stabilization options for the trimming unit.

The agricultural Slopehelper hedge trimmer is ideal for pruning young bunches of chandeliers during the summer. One of our available products is a vine trimmer in the shape of an upside down ‘L’.

A horizontal blade with a fixed axle, full transmission through timeless belts and an entire electrical mechanism ensures the exceptional stability. Belt pulley with cover and no guide rollers or any oil and grease required to guarantee a significantly longer service life.

Blades rotating at low speed on the top horizontal section and the vertical 180 cm lateral side trimmer guarantee seamless maintenance of rows in the vineyard, providing enough space for air circulation. This, in turn, preserves the strength of the plant in the fruit, though not in young branches.

With the use of a height-adjusting control joystick, as well as a separate width adjustment and tilt of the trimming units, the HV Trimmer adjusts automatically after previously setting the length and width of the rows on the board computer.

How to use it

The HV orchard tree trimmer is a heavy-duty side shift on bearings, and a better-performing vertical-bar inclination, which makes it suitable for use on hills. The HV trimmer is equipped with an independent lift for trimming bars to perfectly match the needs of plants situated on sloped sides.

The HV trimmer, like all other products in the range of attachments for the Slopehelper system, is characterized by simplicity of use. The trimmer has a powerful brushless motor, which provides continued, controlled movement of the blades as it trims the branches in vineyards. When connecting to the base platform, setting options of the HV trimmer are displayed on the board computer. The operator can decide on the height and width of rows, a row change mode (every second or next row), and the speed of movement.

The HV trimmer is stored on a specifically designed storage cradle. In order to dismantle the trimmer and attach it to the Slopehelper base platform, it requires a mini-garage crane or forklift. Alternatively, this can also be done by approaching Slopehelper with the barn to hang directly on it. For further installation and adjustment, there is an optional moveable cradle for all the attachments available, allowing easy manoeuvring and connection. Manoeuvring is simple and accessories will no longer be left on your garage floor or outside.

Once the HV trimmer is mounted on the basic platform, it transforms into the most innovative trimmer on the market. After connecting it with two power sockets and plugging it into the main system of the base platform, a notification will appear on the board computer informing you once the trimmer is ready for use. With the help of a few commands, the agro-system can complete pruning on the plantation at any time of day or night, in suitable weather conditions. The Slopehelper autonomous system will get the job done and will inform you of the achieved results.

Main advantages

  • Easy to attach

Similar to all equipment in the Slopehelper attachment range, there is a fast connector for base platform attachment available for the HV trimmer.

  • Low maintenance

Not many spare parts and an electric actuator transmission, means less downtime and low operation costs.

  • Silent operation

Powered by high-power and low-voltage brushless electric motors (the same as in the base platform), will guarantee quiet movements, which allows the vehicle to operate day and night without disturbing the surroundings and endangering the health of those in the vicinity of the vehicle.

  • Automatic angle adjustment

Whether it is a terraced vineyard or rows, flat or uphill, the HV trimmer can automatically change the operating angle, depending on the horizontal position of the Slopehelper.


  • Recommended speed 3-7 km/h
  • Trimming length: Vertical blade 180 cm
  • Trimming length: Horizontal blade 80 cm
  • Min. passage width 170 cm
  • Wide adjustment range 160 cm - 250 cm
  • Weight 195 kg
  • Material High-grade steel
  • Sound power level 41 dB
  • Brushless motor BLDC
  • Low voltage 48 V