Power harrow / weeder system

Slopehelper power harrow system

The Slopehelper power harrow system is a highly precise and powerful, four-blade, in-row system, compatible with the Slopehelper’s basic platform. We have developed an agriculture power weeder that, in combination with our autonomous vehicle, can weed, shake and plough the soil between root areas in every plantation row. With this type of front-mounted power harrow, you will experience how simply one of the most common functions can be executed during the season.

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How to use it


The garden power harrow is stored on a specially designed storage cradle. To get the power harrow from it and attach it to the vehicle requires a mini-garage crane or forklift. For further installation and adjustment, an optional moveable cradle allows you to easily manoeuvre and attach the equipment.

Once the power weeder attachments are mounted on the vehicle, it is necessary to connect them with two power sockets and plug them into the main system of the base platform.

A notification will appear on the board computer to let you know whether the power harrow has been connected and is now ready to use. Select the mode, height, number of rows, etc. and set the vehicle to the starting position. After that, you only need to choose the "autonomous moving" option and press the “start” button.

Once the in-rows power harrow is installed, the Slopehelper will always move forward, keep to the right side of the path and leave solid cultivated soil and the weed area around the trees behind it.


Main advantages

  • Low maintenance

Since our vehicle has a small number of spare parts, transmission via V-belt, inside-out moving system via rack and pinion, you will be pleased with its low operation costs and less downtime.

  • Silent operation

Powered by a high-power, low-voltage electric motor, the power harrow, along with the Slopehelper, will guarantee quiet power harrowing and ploughing in the root area, making it possible for the autonomous system to operate day and night without disturbing the surroundings.

  • Radar detection of the stems

We have installed a highly sensitive radar on the rear right side of the vehicle that easily recognizes stems. The head of the power harrow is radar-driven (and with the help of the rack and pinion synchronized system), can follow the order of trees, reducing the risk of damaging trunks.

  • Precise tracking

Independently adjust the Slopehelper’s position on the right side of the vehicle to maintain a distance of 30 cm from a row, adjusting the parameters depending on the terrain. This mode allows the power harrow to reach the roof area with accuracy.

  • Four-tines rotating head

The four-tine rotating head enables power harrowing at a higher speed, saving you time for other tasks. The Slopehelper power harrow system offers you the opportunity to process the soil around the trunks and allow easier water and nutrient absorption.

  • Safety cage

A frame connected to the base platform at one end and the safety bumps in the front surrounds the entire power harrow system, enabling the vehicle to move safely autonomously.

  • Completely electromechanical

The harrowing system does not use a single drop of hydraulics, lubricants (except bearings) or any other oils, making it a one-of-a-kind “in-row” power harrow of this type on the market.



  • Working width in rows – (30-60 cm)
  • Working height – (3 positions)
  • No. of tines – (4 pcs)
  • Height of tines – (20 cm)
  • Speed of rotating - (540 rpm)
  • Sound power level - (46 dB)
  • Brushless motor – (BLDC)
  • Low voltage – (48 V)
  • Min. passage width – (170 cm)