Robotics and Automation News

‚Slopehelper‘ robot ready to help out in vineyards and orchards (EN)

An article on ‚Robotics and Automation News‘, a US based online platform dedicated to the latest news in the field of robotics technology, published a review of the Slopehelper autonomous robotic system.
The agricultural electric system Slopehelper performs most of the routine operations in vineyards and orchards, all-year round and in fully autonomous mode. While aiming at the local Slovenian market initially, the company has further expansion plans for the neighboring European countries, as well as overseas territories.

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Slopehelper is the Multipurpose Solution the Farming Industry Needs Now

Global Organization For Agricultural Robotics (GOFAR) publishes an article about the Slopehelper full cycle agricultural autonomous robotic system.
Slopehelper system presents a multitask solution that performs autonomous operations during the entire agricultural cycle in vineyards and orchards. The system can operate in all weather conditions including the harsh ones. The built-in feature of collecting big data right from the field makes it fully compliant with Agriculture 4.0 requirements. Further development is going to bring downscale versions of the Slopehelper system to the market.

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Newspaper OKO

Demonstration of the machines of the new age for viticulture OKO (SLO)

The local newspaper OKO informs its readers about a spectacular demonstration of modern mechanization solutions for vineyards that took place not far from Gostinci, Slovenia.
At the end of September 2021 a demonstration of the machines for viticulture was held in the Eastern part of Slovenia. The event was organized by VINIS, Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovenia. Together with other participants of the event, PeK Automotive introduced its autonomous robotic system Slopehelper that replaces hand labor in vineyards and orchards and performs all main operations on a plantation without the presence of a human.

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Agriculture of the Future

Interview of Mikhail Kostkin, director of PeK Automotive, on the Slovenian Radio 1 00:08:27 – 00:10:41 (SLO)

During the „Agriculture of the Future“ event organized by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia on 31 August 2021, Mikhail Kostkin talks about the Slopehelper electric agricultural autonomous system and its advantages.

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People and Earth

People and the Earth, TV Slovenia 00:26:14 – 00:28:19 (SLO)

Ljudje in Zemlja (People and Earth), a regular TV show on RTV Slovenia presents the Slopehelper to its viewers.
Radio and Television of Slovenia, Channel 1, presents Fruit Growing of the Future, an event that took place in the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia in Brdo pri Lukovici on 31 August 2021. The Slopehelper, an agricultural robot developed in Vrhnika, demonstrated autonomy, preciseness and care about soil, – the features that are most expected from the agricultural robots in the future.

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TV program Bogatstvo zemlje

The Wealth of the Land on Net TV Slovenia (SLO)

Bogatstvo zemlje (The Wealth of the Land), a regular TV show of Net TV in Slovenia, reviews a presentation of the Slopehelper to the members of the VINIS, Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovenia On Net TV program ‚Bogatstvo zemlje‘ Slavko.
Toplišek , the President of the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovenia, and Miran Jurak, the President of the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Dolenjska region of Slovenia share their impressions and vision of the future application of autonomous and semi-autonomous robots in the everyday life of winegrowers.

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Dr. Mikhail Kostkin, PhD

Safety operation of autonomous agricultural vehicles in vineyards and orchards, M. Kostkin, PhD (EN)

In the article prepared for the 20th ISTVS International and 9th Americas Regional Conference Dr. Kostkin shares his approach to safety while developing the autonomous agricultural platform Slopehelper.

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Dr. Mikhail Kostkin, PhD

Unique Challenges in Low-Voltage Caterpillar Drive Vehicles

In the article dedicated to solving technological problems of electric caterpillar drive on a plantation Kostkin dwells upon the categories of the challenges an engineers faces while dealing with these problems and the ways to approach them.

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Slovenske novice

Digikmetijstvo\Digital Agriculture – Slovenske Novice (SLO)

Tomaž Poje reviews the event at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia where the Slopehelper was demonstrated to the public together with tractors of other producers.
Slopehelper is an autonomous electric robot that is produced by PeK Automotive’s multi-national team in Vrhnika, Slovenia. The robot uses lithium batteries and uses a number of tools for regular operations in vineyards and orchards. The self-regulating cargo platform at the top of the vehicle adds to the uniqueness of the machine.

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