Autonomous vehicle kit & Safety bumper

Our cutting-edge Autonomous Vehicle Kit revolutionizes plantation operations, combining advanced technology with utmost safety. Designed with precision, this kit ensures reliable autonomous functionality tailored to modern agricultural needs.

Functionality Highlights:

  • Autonomous Plantation Operations: Crafted for modern plantations, our kit ensures the vehicle operates autonomously, paving the way for efficient and streamlined tasks.
  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: The safety bars on both front and rear bumpers provide an immediate halt, ensuring machine safety.
  • Location Information: Never lose track of your machine. With the GNSS receiver installed on the front bumper, stay informed about the machine’s precise location at all times.


  • Safety Bumpers: These aren’t just any bumpers; they come equipped with advanced radars, touch sensors, and GNSS receivers. With their assistance, we not only ensure the safety of the machine but also deliver precise location data.
  • Navigation Computer: Seamlessly integrated, the navigation computer is housed in the chandelier of the base platform, ensuring streamlined operation and hassle-free data processing.

Delivery Options:

  • GNSS Autonomy: Harness the power of our differential GNSS system, an elite satellite navigation technology. This option drives the vehicle with pinpoint accuracy, leveraging advanced satellite guidance.
  • True Autonomy: For those seeking an untethered experience, choose our fully autonomous mode. This ensures operation without any external connections, delivering genuine independence on the field.


safety Bumper