How it works


Slopehelper is a revolutionary, fully autonomous system that enters into your plantations and covers the whole agricultural cycle, without supervision and the presence of people. Not only will it provide a 90% reduction in labor, but also feature solutions for moving the sector forward with a further reduction in the use of fungicides, fossil fuels and the release of carbon into the air. This agro-system is key to industry sustainability by reducing sector reliance on seasonal labor.

Slopehelper system doesn’t require any external positioning systems, GPS, or connections, to perform an autonomous movement. It’s based on artificial intelligence by using an algorithm to recognize and adapt to the new situations, changing rows, and performing the tasks competently autonomously.

Even during its first use, the operator will be present only at the beginning of the first line in the row and it’s not necessary to be introduced into the plantation. Thanks to its radars, algorithms and artificial intelligence, it can interpret in real-time its environment and the changes that are taking place there, as well as to determine its trajectory of motion. 

Any owner of the Slopehelper agro-system can get real-time feedback from the working machine, thanks to the TeroAir mobile application which allows them to locate, monitor the vehicle at any time from any place, and receive notifications about performance progress.

In case of an obstacle, the robot sends a notification to the winegrower by his TeroAir mobile application who can activate human vision, to remove the barrier, or to intervene if necessary. Through the central server system, Slopehelper also issues a notification to our support 24/7 available team if the owner needs help and has difficulty dealing with the occurred problem.

Slopehelper does not require any field marking, except on the plantations which have dry wooden columns on the enters into the passage. Simply position it in front of the first row of a vineyard, give him instruction of the operation and define the number of rows you want to be maintained.

When the work is completed, a notification is sent via the TeroAir app to the owner of the plantation. Slopehelper will stop working after given command and number of rows or when the batteries reach 20%.

Slopehelper will be able to move from one plot to another guided by a remote controller, to continue his work, if it is not necessary to use the public roads.


One of the things for us to develop is to think that the users are not an expert in hi-tech so things need to be simple for them so this is who it works.


First, disconnect Sh from the charger

Green row

Decide which operation will run and attach the required hinged equipment

Green row

Load the Slopehelper on your car-trailer and take it to the plantation

Green row

With the remote control (easy like on a video game) unload the vehicle from the trailer.

Green row

Position it at the beginning of the row

Green row

Place the remote control on the charger station and set the required parameters on the control panel

Green row

SlopeHelper works autonomously through the field

Green row

Take your time and receive regular information through your smartphone how far the Slopehelper has come to accomplish its tasks

Green row

After completing the given function, you will get a notification with the location and a report for the completed task

Green row


After charging the batteries, Slopehelper agro-system is ready for new tasks and managing of new operations


 More performance, more time and no-more hands in plantations.