TeroAir analyzer

Why farmers will need this App?

This App will be integrated with operation control on Slopehelper agricultural system. So farmers will be all the time in communicating with consultations and receiving reports from professionals



  • Slopehelper’s operational status checking
  • Calendar of activity
  • History
  • Field parameter database
  • Weather forecasts
  • GPS tracking
  • Support for connected vehicle
  • Fleet management
  • Planning
  • Work tracking
  • Slopehelper overview
  • Online video streaming
  • Mapping
  • Consultancy centers and expert’s membership
  • Mildew forecasts

Weather Stations

The Sh weather station Use Remote Shield Housing Temperature and Humidity Sensor is a special sensor designed for environmental monitoring in meteorological or agricultural production processes. The built-in core sensors are all imported devices. The instrument can continuously monitor one or more environmental parameters such as carbon dioxide gas concentration, illuminance and ambient temperature and humidity, and each parameter value is converted into a MODBUS-RTU standard electrical signal for transmission to an associated device.

The sensor can be widely used in environmental testing, set temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, carbon dioxide, of PM2.5 like in one, mounted in the cartridge louver installation housing interior, the device using the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, the RS485 channel signal output. The sensor device can widely be used in urban environmental surveying, agriculture monitoring, industrial control and so on many occasions.

Wind speed sensor is mechanical rotate sensor; cup turns round once be blown. Digital circuits capable of strong RFI & EMI resistance and automatic temperature compensation are installed inside the sensor, it outputs voltage and current signals by electromagnetic induction, the value and horizontal wind speed are linear relation.

Product Features:

  • 10-30V wide DC voltage power supply
  • Standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
  • Simultaneous measurement of various parameters such as atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, and light intensity
  • Wide range air pressure range, applicable to various altitudes

Sensor external parts all are made of alloy material and finish by surface powder coating, featured with water proof, corrosion resisting. Inside and turning position have sealing rings with nice sealing function, stop water, salt fog and dust getting in. Is build-in electronic automatic heating system, when temperature fall to under 0°C, system will automatic heating, melting ice to prevent external turning parts freeze.

Product Features:

  • Excellent resistance against impact, overload, shock and erosion
  • Small and exquisite, easy to take, simple to install
  • Alloy material finish, reasonable structure design and nice outlook quality
  • Stainless steel Wind cup, anti-wind load can reach 70m/s
  • Low wind start
  • Surge protection design