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Day of Mechanization for orchards and vineyards (SLO)

We took part in Day of Mechanization for orchards and vineyards held at the Biotehniška šola Maribor.

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Briggs & Stratton

PekAutomotive and Briggs & Stratton signed partnership contract

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Briggs & Stratton! As their official technical partner, we’re excited to collaborate on cutting-edge innovation in the industry. We are confident that this collaboration will unlock exciting opportunities for both our companies and propel us to new heights. Stay tuned for more updates on our joint initiatives as we work together to shape the future of the industry!

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Vigneto Futuro

SlopeHelper has been featured in the prestigious newspaper Il Corriere Vincolo (IT)

We’re excited to announce that Vigneto Futuro wrote about the Slopehelper system, its financial and performance advantages.

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Regijska Razvojna Agencija Rod

Regijska Razvojna Agencija Rod about Slopehelper (SLO)

Regijska Razvojna Agencija Rod. prepared a well-thought-out article about our acceptional Sprayer. We had a chance to showcase and present our system at Vipavska Dolina.

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Japan – Slovenian delegation conference: Agro robots – ZSPM (SLO)

The Association of Slovenian Rural Youth organized an international exchange of experience, research and realized projects in the field of robotics in agriculture, where we participated in the public presentation of the Slopehelper agricultural robot. The company was presented by Tilen Gošnjak.

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Agra 2022 nagrade Slovenske novice (SLO)

Slopehelper was recognized by international experts as innovative robot for vineyards and orchards and got golden Agra award in their category of producers from Slovenia

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Autonomous agro robot Slopehelper was presented to the professional public in Maribor on May 31, 2022 at the biggest regional event, organized by the Institute of agriculture and forestry Maribor and High school of Biotechnology Maribor. The biggest challenge for producers is how to cope with all but plain fields efficiently and with sustainability.

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FIRA 2022

FIRA open day 2022

Presentation of our autonomous agricultural system in the fields of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia for FIRA 2022.

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Slovenska kronika

Slovenska kronika, TV Slovenia (SLO)

Slovenska kronika, a regular TV show on RTV Slovenia.
Very succesful event centered around official signing of a contract between Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije and PeK Automotive doo Both directors and head of experimental department of KIS talked about what we all hope to benefit from this cooperation.

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