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At High-Tech Wineries, Robots Prune Vines and Precision Sensors Analyze Disease (EN)

Jacopo Mazzeo from Wine Enthusiast compares today’s intellectual robots that help farmers in vineyards.
The application of robotics solutions in vineyards vary from predicting grape diseases to monitoring ripening or remote-sensing. The autonomous robot Slopehelper goers further than its competitors combining typical vineyard operations with remote monitoring system TeroAir.

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Glas Gospodarstva

A detailed interview with Pek Automotive’s CEO/CTO Mikhail Kostkin is published in the most respected Slovenian business magazine “Glas Gospodarstva” (SLO)

Dr. Kostkin tells the readers of “Glas Gospodarstva” his story of relocating to Slovenia and provides details of the current and future operational features of the autonomous agricultural system Slopehelper.

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German newspaper

The robots are coming, whether you like it or not (DE)

The German magazine Eilbote writes about the Slopehelper in an article about modern robotics in agriculture.
The Slopehelper works on slopes of up to 45° and has a permanent tractive force of 2 tons. The self-regulating platform can carry a regular EU cargo bin or pallet.

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Slopehelper: how driverless tractors change approaches to agriculture (DE)

New technology changes many branches of today’s economy fundamentally, and agriculture is no exception.
Agricultural robots present a possible solution to avoid a decrease in available food and deal with food security in the coming future. Safe and ecologically friendly, the Slopehelper takes over the routine work from farmers giving them more time for strategic planning and analysis.

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Slopehelper trattore e robot, autonomo ed elettrico (IT)

Gian Basilio Nieddu reviews the autonomous electric system Slopehelper on a popular Italian website Vaielettrico that is dedicated to innovations in electric vehicles.
In a step away from Italy, a Slovenian company PeK Automotive developed an autonomous electric vehicle that covers 90% of farmer’s needs in vineyards and orchards. The innovative approach to agriculture reduces the use of fungicides, fossil fuels and eliminates harmful emissions.

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Fruit Growers News

An agricultural robot Slopehelper challenges steep vineyards and orchards – Fruit Growers News (EN)

Michael Barker dwells on the ability of the Slopehelper to work on slopes and flat plantations.
The self-stabilizing cargo platform, caterpillar drive and steel base frame mean the Slopehelper can handle slopes of up to 45 degrees with a total load capacity of as much as two tons. Thanks to the horizontal stabilization, the harvesting shelves are always held horizontally in a safe position. This design means that growers do not suffer fruit loss from being unable to reach difficult areas of the vineyard. The Slopehelper can navigate wet soil and operate in all weather conditions.

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Slopehelper robot to work year-round in vineyards

The autonomous robotic system Slopehelper proudly joins the Future Farming catalog of field and harvest robots.
With sealed and waterproof body, equipped with radars and differential GNSS, the Slopehelper presents an unrivaled electric vehicle to substitute hand labor in vineyards and orchards around the whole year.

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Slovenian Startup Applies Robotics And AI To Agriculture

UK horticulture journalist Michael Barker writes about the Slopehelper as an example of today’s digital farming revolution.
Designed for orchards and vineyards, the autonomous agricultural vehicle Slopehelper meets the high demand of contemporary farmers in terms of efficiency, durability and flexibility. The data processing onboard system provides access to real-time information and key metrics including data about wind, humidity, luminosity, temperature and time spent working.

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new atlas

Slopehelper agricultural robot tends to steep vineyards

Ben Coxworth from newatlas.com explores some basic features of the Slopehelper autonomous agricultural system.
The autonomous electric vehicle Slopehelper runs on rubber caterpillars, and is equipped with specific hinged tools for a variety of tasks such as mowing, weeding, mulching, spraying, harrowing, pruning and trimming. Justifying its name, it can operate on slopes of up to 45 degrees, traveling at a top speed of 10 km/h.

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